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    The production of soap on a natural basis is a complex process. In order to manufacture this quality product, it takes a lot of heart and soul and years of experience with continuous development. For this reason we have joined forces with a traditional Swiss family business in the third generation. Our products are a combination of tradition and quality in a modern design.

    What distinguishes our products?

    The natural antidegradantswe use in our products are the ideal alternative for the usually used substances like parabens. Parabens are synthetic and used in many products throughout the beauty and food industry. These synthetic substances can influence human hormone levels severely. For our products we use a natural, high quality antidegradant, made of an organic acid, extracted from sugar cane. This acid is antibacterial, mild and very skin-friendly.

    We exclusively use plant-based oils and waxesin our products. Contrary to animal based substances, that are foremost waste products, our natural, plant-based substances are pure additives of highest-quality. Furthermore, we consciously waive the use of palm oil. The skin of a healthy newborn shows a ph-value of 8. To create the best possible products for the human body, we oriented on this value. This means that all our products have a guaranteed ph-value of 7 or higher and are therefore very skinfriendly.

    Lastly we enrich our products with carefully selected scents, created by a specialist partner-firm with decades of experience on the Swiss market.The certified partner equips us with exquisite, natural fragrances, biologically cultivated and handled with expertise.

    The fragrances


    mild, round, fresh and smooth. Evergreen!


    aromatic, vibrant scent with a sweet and fruity note!


    deep, natural scent with austere-sweetish & woody-earthy components!


    We take it one step further: to ensure sustainability for our products we teamed up with Climate Partner. With this collaboration we compensate the last small amounts of CO2 that our products emit, all the way from production to customer.

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